There is no doubt that the post-COVID 19 economy of Nigeria and by extension the constituent States will be more challenging economically than ever due to declining crude oil price, macroeconomic volatility, rising unemployment, rising domestic and foreign debt and the stiffer competition among states and nations in an increasingly globalized world environment.

Consequently, it becomes imperative for the managers of the economy and especially sub-national (State) governments to be more proactive and innovative as it concerns economic and social policies that can give them competitive advantage that will translate into enhanced investment, increased domestic productivity, improved livelihoods for her citizens, increased employment, reduction in crime and much more improved revenue for States to finance both capital and recurrent expenditure against the backdrop of the bi-directional causal impact of finance and economic growth.

It is instructive to state that how well a nation or state fares economically is not only tied to the availability of natural resources but much more, there are externalities that can greatly determine whether a nation or state will prosper or fail to do well economically. The economies that will attract private capital and investments as well as donor-funds are largely those that can create a framework that gives a positive and actual perception of it as a human and learning economy so as to take advantage of the vast idle development funds and technical partnership domiciled with different donor development organisation.

Developing this framework and enhancing the capacity of the officials of your State government to do the needful and to initiate needed contacts to position your State at an advantage economically in maximising her agricultural, minerals and human capital potentials for profit, economic growth and development is what I intend to help the state do in a collaborative manner using the platform of Focused Development Associates which is a non-profit Research and Think-Tank organisation that supports global development and headed by me. It is doable.

Thanks in anticipation of your State embracing this proposed collaborative engagement.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Olalekan Obademi.     

Country Team Lead,

Focused Development Associates – Nigeria.


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